Lìnguine alla Trump: new italian pasta recipe celebrating U.S. President

img_20170122_150511_editOld italian tradition for a new american phase, Trump’s one.

From Bartolomeo Scappi to Abate di Theleme.

Metaphorical meaning of a recipe.

Do it by yourself, from A to Z.

here you find italian version

On January 20, 2017, the most discussed US billionaire of all time finally accommodated at the White House, dislodging Barack Obama. It would be interesting to analyze his inaugural speech, similar indeed to those he’s been keeping in every corner of the country, before the elections. But today we’re devoted  to a completely different purpose, following best Italian traditions:  for centuries, special dishes were created by top chefs to celebrate main political facts, thereafter triumphantly presented during the banquets which sealed those events. One of the most famous, for example, was organized and prepared by Renaissence cook Scappi – who gave so much to culinary arts – for Pope Pius V’s coronation. We will not pretend to rival with such a master, in complexity and novelty, but at the same time we’re sure our “Lìnguine alla Trump” will find their rightful place as pleasant gastronomic – and political – remembrance.  Continua a leggere